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General College Advising

This is the right service for students who are in 10th or 11th grade. We begin by seeking to understand the goals of both student and parent. Once those are established, we will begin working through an established program that focuses on the following:

-Course selection while in high school

-Creating a list of potential colleges

-Test prep strategy

-Scholarship search

College Application and Essay Review

This is for students that are in the spring of their 11th grade year or later and preparing for the college application process. We do not write college essays but can provide constructive feedback to help students produce an engaging and insightful essay.

Specialized Advising

For those students that are pursuing a military service academy, ROTC, or athletic recruitment, we can provide specialized advising. The complexities of these college tracks often require more time.

We prefer to begin working with a family by early 11th grade year for any of these specialized tracks because of the increased requirements.


We believe effective advising begins with relationship

We have found that working with a family throughout the process and cultivating a supportive relationship is the best recipe for success. We look forward to getting to know the needs of the student and parent throughout the process. This helps us understand the true fit for a student.

Next Steps...

We like to begin with a 75-90 minute initial consultation call. This helps to understand the goals of the family and figure out how we can serve them the best.

To schedule a consultation, please email